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Nithyananda Hindu University is revival of the most ancient knowledge transmission system. It is the oldest university as per known records - that was first started in Kailaasa by Paramashiva Himself and then established in various sacred places such as Naimisharanya, Varanasi, Kanchi, Mathura, Avathika, etc - the mokshapuris. 

Due to multiple invasions and illegitimization of Vedic education system in the home countries, this knowledge transmission system was almost lost.  An important understanding is that this was not an education system but a direct download process of the cosmic truths from the source - and is hence a knowledge transmission system. 

The last living person to revive this system, His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is fortunately reviving this knowledge transmission system. Nithyananda Hindu University was conceived with this objective by His Divine Holiness in 2001 and legitimized by the establishing of the University in the US in 2007. 

Today Nithyananda Hindu University is the largest Hindu University in the world. 

Paramashivoham Oness Capsule

  These Darshans do not have a past, present or future. They are just happening, there is no ‘was’ or ‘will’ for these happenings. Just by watching, you can get the same experience as watching it live, in-person.

The Living Avatar

Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami


293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami Reveals Health Through Super Consciousness


 Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami is revered, regarded, respected and worshipped as the Avatar (living incarnation) of super-consciousness by millions across the globe.

His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the 293rd Pontiff of the world's oldest, Shaivaite Aadheenam (temple monastery complex) and also the head of the world’s largest Shaivaite Aadheenam. He is also the youngest Maha Mandaleshwar (the highest level of Hindu spiritual guardianship) of the Mahanirvani Akhada (the ancient apex body of Hinduism).

He and his Sangha (spiritual community) around the globe is serving humanity by reviving the science of completion, science of Enlightenment and manifesting various extraordinary spiritual powers as per the Vedic Agamic tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He is author of 350 books, which are translated and published in 500 titles and various international languages.

His Sangha has a strong presence worldwide through numerous Temples, Adheenams (temple monastery complex), Gurukuls (Vedic schools), universities, goshalas (cow shelters) established by Him. His live Satsangs (spiritual discourses) every morning (8am IST) are viewed by people from all countries around the world. 


Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami, Hindu Avatar and founder of Nithyananda Peetham.

Nithyananda Yoga

 The Prathama Vinyasa Krama (PVK) is the first ever sequence of 108 traditional asanas performed in one hour. As the first of many gifts in the field of yoga delivered by the Avatar H.D.H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, it is the only yoga in the world to revive physical postures along with the chanting of their Sanskrit pramanas. 

Vegetarian Diet for Manifesting Extraordinary Powers

What you eat matters !!!

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